Dig your way to a greener world and help restore the climate

The world is turning into one big desert, affecting the climate as a result. The disruption of the natural balance results in water scarcity, hunger and natural disasters. But we can stop this process through greenification. In dry areas, the soil is so hard that rainwater cannot seep into the ground. Instead, it simply flows across the surface. By digging ditches, the rainwater can be collected and penetrate the soil. The surrounding areas become green which enables the climate to recover.
JustDiggIt is an initiative of the Naga Foundation to involve the world in the battle against desertification and climate change. Although the alarming and life-threatening changes affect all of us, it is as if most people are not yet fully aware of the problem. JustDiggIt wants to change this and raise money to initiate large-scale greenification projects. As the movement grows, it will increase the pressure on governments and organisations to take action!
Dennis Karpes
Dennis Karpes is the driving force behind the JustDiggIt campaign. He earned a name for himself as the inventor and founder of Dance4Life, an international organisation that works together with young people to create a world without HIV or AIDS
Peter Westerveld is the originator of the Hydrological Corridor Project in Kenya. He has dozens of years of experience with greenification projects in Africa and Asia and has developed various greenification techniques, including ‘Contour Trenching’ and ‘Climate Engineered Ecosystem Rehabilitation’.