Natural Tableware @ Bocuse d’Or 2017

A few weeks ago Natural Tableware was present at the international cooking competition Bocuse d’Or in Leon, France. Bocuse d’Or can be described as the Olympics of cooking. Not only is the prize filled with extreme prestige but even the audience is cheering for their country as if it would be a football game.

At this annual culinary event some of the best chefs worldwide are present, either as judges, contestants or spectators. This year we had the honor of having some of these chefs eat from our natural tableware disposablesat the booth of Chef a brand of Nestlé

In the photos below you’ll see some of the Symbiose references and our house brand Natural Tableware. The chefs you see in the photos are Andrej Prokes and Poul Gorrel who are working with Nestlé.  Present was also the famous French 3 Michelin star chef Regis Marcon.