Boeing and Cambridge University develop the world’s first hybrid airplane!

A great step towards green aviation. A research group from Boeing and Cambridge University has developed and tested the world’s first hybrid aircraft! Of course this does not mean that we are all flying in 100% green airplanes next year, but it is a good start towards sustainable aviation.
The airplane created was still fairly small and extremely lightweight – without pilot or fuel it only weights 140 kilograms. The big challenge for the coming years is to develop a battery that is super lightweight and still has enough power to keep an airplane in the air. Currently, the developers have been able to create a plane that runs partly on fuel and partly on electricity. It uses 30% less fuel compared to similar airplanes, which is, taking the size of the aviation market into account, an extreme reduction in greenhouse gas emissions if all airplanes would be hybrid.
As air transport and traffic is expanding rapidly, it is very important to do something about the bizarre pollution airplanes leave behind. It is not likely that a commercial airplane will be completely green within a few years, but twenty years ago we said the same about cars. Now there are the famous Prius, Tesla and many more electric cars, that limit their pollution of our beautiful nature through greenhouse emissions like cars that run on fossil fuels still do.
At SD Trading we are confident that within a few decades aviation is a sustainable type of business. Since we keep our nature sustained by selling beautiful design sustainable disposables that return to the soil as nutrition after use, we are committed to all initiatives that aim to reduce our polluting manners. Let’s hope this breakthrough will continue!