SD Trading strives for a massive Paradigm Shift

Some paradigms are hard to crack. In the world of disposables were SD Trading is active with its wonderful sustainable design products already the product itself is a contradiction not often understood.
The first paradigm: a disposable cannot be sustainable
In the case of WASARA and Hampi it all starts with creating value out of waste on the basis of a sustainable and ethical production process ending up with compostable and sustainable  disposables.
The second paradigm: disposables are less environmental friendly than porcelain plates
Imagine how much water people spoil per dirty cup per day not even talking about the detergents used to clean these cups.
The third paradigm: disposables are ugly and look cheap
Our products have won several ritzy design awards and are published in dozens of design and interior magazines.
The fourth paradigm: the use of disposables versus (rental) porcelain is more expensive
Our customer Grand Catering from The Netherlands does not agree: “Normally we use 1 service employee for 20 guests, when using WASARA we use 1 per 35 guest. Next to that we save on logistics and space and contrary to (rental) we don’t pay for what we haven’t used”.
The fifth paradigm: using disposables could negatively influence the stature of an event
Quite a few Michelin star chefs have chosen our disposables as it supports them in presenting their gastronomic masterpieces while maintaining elegance and class, let alone the guests who are wondering about the perfect design and the sustainability of the dish at the same time.
One paradigm has been broken already: WASARA and Hampi are the only single use natural plates in the world which people want to rinse, clean and re-use because they are too beautiful to throw away. It is therefore with confidence that we use as motto:
Single use, lasting experience !